STERI-7 XTRA has a remarkable kill rate of up to 99.9999% against Coronavirus, Norovirus, Influenza and a wide range of other harmful and even deadly bacteria, viruses and spores including MRSA and C.Diff through to E.Coli (0157H), Salmonella enteritidis and Legionella pneumophila.




The STERI-7 Biosecurity philosophy can be summed up in three words: BREAK – TREAT – PREVENT. Using STERI-7 XTRA hand washes and sanitisers helps BREAK the chain of infection endemic in many environments such as schools, catering and healthcare. Then, applying STERI-7 XTRA biocidal cleaner to the vulnerable spaces and surfaces will TREAT the pathogens at source. Finally, continued use of STERI-7 XTRA with Reactive Barrier Technology will help PREVENT any further re-infection.



STERI-7 XTRA has a unique Reactive Barrier Technology which means it offers powerful protection between cleans. All disinfectants kill some bacteria, but they are only designed to work while wet. As soon as the solution has dried it has no effect on new bacteria attacking the surface. This means re-colonisation will occur a couple of hours after the surface has been ‘cleaned’.

STERI-7 XTRA is remarkably different in how it works. Take a surface that’s vulnerable to bacterial infection, such as a table in a typical café, and spray it with STERI-7 XTRA. A few seconds later the STERI-7 XTRA will have killed any bacteria, viruses and spores on that surface. But STERI-7 XTRA doesn't stop there. If you leave the STERI-7 XTRA to dry, a barrier is created which sits on the surface.

This STERI-7 XTRA barrier reactivates in the presence of the smallest amounts of moisture. How small? Put it this way, to reproduce, bacteria, viruses and spores must contain moisture. Should any of them land on the café table and then try to actuate, the moisture they contain even though it’s microscopic, is enough to reactivate the STERI-7 XTRA Which then wipes them out. So, the germs effectively kill themselves. Pathogen suicide no less. And the RBT stays effective for a proven 72 hours, killing pathogens between cleans and protecting floors and surfaces 24/7. 


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STERI-7 XTRA is a multi-purpose biocidal cleaner that also works as a high-level disinfectant. It cleans practically any surface or material, eradicating bacteria, spores, fungi, yeasts and viruses. What makes STERI-7 XTRA a uniquely effective disinfectant is the Reactive Barrier Technology (RBT) it employs to keep treated areas contamination free between cleaning cycles. This is because RBT goes on working once dried; something no other disinfectant is proven to do. The result is round the clock Biosecurity, with no window of opportunity for germs to re-establish themselves