Steri-7 Xtra Aquaculture

Marble Surface


  • Reactive barrier technology protection between cleans

  • Bacterial, virucidal, fungicidal and sporacidal

  • Safe for use on metals and soft fabrics

  • High level disinfectant cleaner

  • Non-corrosive

  • Low toxicity

  • Effective in soft or hard water

  • No reported resistance

  • Triple active reducing need to rotate products

  • Maintains efficacy in heavy organic soiling, blood and proteins


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Steri-7 Xtra Fish Care Spray 

Aquaculture 100ml fishcare_2-3000x3000px.jpg

Steri- 7 Xtra Fish Care Spray Clinically proven to disinfect mouth and body wounds, and incorporates STERI-7 Reactive Barrier Technology (RBT).


STERI-7 Fish Care Spray is formulated to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses.


Upon application, STERI-7 Fish Care acts quickly, killing 99.9999% (log6) within seconds to ensure wounds are free of bacteria, when the fish are returned to water.

Rapid kill rate of up to 99.999% in seconds
Reactive Barrier Technology
Safe for use on metal and soft fabrics
No need to rinse
Alcohol Free, Non scented


Steri-7 Xtra Net Dip  


Steri-7 Xtra Net Dip Is a High Level Broad Spectrum disinfectant, which is effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Mould & Fungi.

It is clinically proven to kill Koi Herpes Virus; it is non-corrosive and effective for long periods in outdoor and high soil conditions.

Recently added to the Aquaculture Disinfectant Listing Scheme run by CEFAS detailing products that have been independently validated as effective against Aqua based bacteria affecting freshwater fish.

Rapid kill rate of up to 99.999% in seconds
Reactive Barrier Technology 
Safe for use on metal and soft fabrics

CEFAS Approved
Alcohol Free, Non scented