This is why we are expanding into more sectors than we ever thought possible, and are constantly pushing ourselves to help you achieve the highest levels of Biosecurity.

Catering & Hospitality

With each and every sector we expand into, we always test our products
to the limit. In fact, we test to fail; pushing the science and the formulas
to the very extreme.


When we are asked about Biosecurity, we believe we have a duty of care
to always give the most responsible advice possible.


And even though we create, develop and market disinfectants, it is our
in-house policy to help you understand when and where you should or shouldn’t use them. This goes well beyond what is required under the standard Risk Mitigation Measures (RMM) demanded by the EU Biocides Product Regulations (BPR).




That’s why we can say that we genuinely, pioneer with integrity.