The success of STERI-7
over a wide range of environments and uses inspired the STERI-7 philosophy unique to
this business:


STERI-7 hand washes
and rubs help to BREAK
the chain of infection.


Then, applying STERI-7 biocidal cleaner to the vulnerable spaces and
surfaces will TREAT the pathogens at source.


STERI-7 prevents any further re-infection.



STERI-7 is a multi-purpose biocidal cleaner that also
works as a high level disinfectant. It cleans practically
any surface or material, eradicating bacteria, spores,
fungi, yeasts and viruses.


What makes STERI-7 your ideal cleaning solution is that
it keeps treated areas contamination free between cleaning cycles. This is because it goes on working once dried, something no other disinfectant is proven to do.


The result is round the clock Biosecurity, with no window
of opportunity for germs to re-establish themselves.